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Ancients Mumble    
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Ancients Mumble

Port: 8103
Password: starwars
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Ninety9ninjahs, Sep 10, 12 8:19 PM.
We need some more active people, to get 2 or more ops groups going. The "Ancient" rank can now send out guild invites. Find us some more Ancients.

Denova HM

Ninety9ninjahs, Sep 10, 12 8:17 PM.
We will be making Denova Hm attempts tuesday through to friday, and possibly on the weekend. Be there and be geared If your elidgable for the OPS. Contact an officer in advance or sign up for OPS.

Full Guild OPS

Ninety9ninjahs, Aug 17, 12 1:44 AM.
Good job all on our last 4 operations have been very successfull for teamwork, tactics, gear, and having fun. We all did a good job minus a few hickups, and 3/4 of the ops ending in less than 80 minuites. Continue being Ancient. Look foreward to many more OPS.

OPS and organization

Ninety9ninjahs, Aug 15, 12 1:44 PM.
Sign up for all ops event and much more is now available in the events section of the website. Discuss in more detail about events under the guild activities forum. Get in on an Ancient OPS. Become Great.

Republic Shield

Ninety9ninjahs, Jul 8, 12 1:58 PM.
The Guild Republic Shield has been great allies and have aided us in HM's Ops, Pvp, ranked PvP, and even some daily missions. We are everywhere and they are everywhere. Good to have allies where and when it counts.
Recent stuff    

Welcome Ancient Brethren    
    Welcome to our Community!  Once known as the Knights of the Ancient, <the Fellowship of Ancients> bring the fight to the Imperials.  In open world PVP and the Warzones,  we hold our flag proud and high bearing the voice of justice,  peace,  and valiance.  The  <Fellowship of Ancients> is an established welcoming , Non-Elitist Guild that strives for an enhanced gaming experience along with people to share it with, Lots of role-play, and Teamwork.  We are Currently: Rp-PvE/Pvp focus,  HM's and Daily missions. HM ops, ops, WZ pre-mades, and ranked WZ's with allies of the Ancients  We care and respect all members with equiality and Unity! We welcome everyone who has what it takes to become an Ancient and join battle with us against the Imperials. We Ancients created this great guild to help people and enjoy video games!

Guild Activites    
No shouts have been added yet.

Activities & Ops    
Next weeks OPS are Scheduled on the Events calender. Runs from tuesday to saturday. 8pm-10 Ops time frames. Check out the Events page. TFB tuesdays, denova Fridays, ranked thursdays, sat & sun sm ops and more!
OPS progression    
Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Bonethrasher done
  Foreman Crusher done
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator Done
  Jarg and Sorno done
  Karagga the Unyielding Done
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Jung Ma
Status: UP
Population: Light
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